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This Wiki was developed and is maintained by the EASTCONN Tech Pod. It is designed for educators who attend the workshops presented by EASTCONN Tech Pod members as a "virtual sandbox" so they can explore and learn. We post handouts, resources and links to Web-based tools. We're going green!

Think of all the resources we'll save!

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This space is currently protected. It can be seen by everyone, but only space members can edit pages. Pam Skelly, EASTCONN Staff Development/Educational Technology Specialist, and Jane Cook, EASTCONN Staff Development/Literacy and Educational Technology Specialist, are the space organizers. If you are attending an EASTCONN workshop and would like to join this space, click on Join in the upper right hand corner which will initiate an e-mail to Pam and Jane who can allow you to join. Questions? Contact the space organizers by e-mail at pskelly@eastconn.org or Jane at jcook@eastconn.org or via the telephone at 860-455-1552 (Pam) or 860-455-1510 (Jane).

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"Technology should be like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.”

- Chris Lehmann, PrincipalScience Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, PA